For a while, I saw Shaun T. Wearing a shirt with the logo “T25” on it.  I wondered what is T25?  People would ask him what it was about, but he never gave an answer.  Was it his favorite number?  Was it the location of his favorite snack in the vending machine?  Was it just some random logo on his shirt? 


Well, the answer to what is T25 turns out to be Focus T25, which is Shaun T’s latest workout program that will be coming out this summer.  T25 is going to be an intensive all out full body workout that you do in only 25 minutes FIVE days per week.  It will be available to me in June and I will share my experiences with it before it is released to the public.

Here is a short promo video for it:  

I am excited about T25. We all face time constraints.  I have children, a full time job and my Navy Reserve Duty to contend with. I always talk about fitness for the time constrained professional and this is exactly what the time constrained professional needs, which is an all out intense cardio assault.

The Making of FOCUS T25™

T25-Result-300x213Beachbody is always looking to expand the workout routines that you can do at home.  This program took 18 months to develop.  The goal was to get maximum results in minimal time.  Every Program promises this, but this was the first time that anyone tried to condense a long workout into 25 minutes.

No one likes to spend hours exercising.  Not even me.  If you can get better results in only 25 minutes rather than an hour and a half at the gym, why wouldn’t you want a program that can help you do that?  The idea became FOCUS T25.  

As you know, Shaun T. is the creator of INSANITY®, the #1 home workout in the country today.  Shaun used every trick in his trainer’s book to develop a high efficiency routine that delivers an hour’s worth of results in just 25 minutes of training.  Insanity is a great program, but it requires you to workout six days per week and many of the workouts take almost an hour to complete.

Here is a great video on the making of the Program and some of the early results people are seeing with it:


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