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Overcoming Fitness Obstacles

Overcoming Fitness Obstacles:  Five Challenges Defeated One of the hardest parts of a fitness program is often starting it.  I have heard all kinds of excuses and objections from people about why they can’t get started.  There seems to be five excuses that I hear on a regular basis.  Overcoming fitness obstacles is not hard. … Read the full article →

Having Self Confidence

The Secret to Having Self Confidence What is the difference between someone who is successful and everyone else? To me the answer is not intelligence, available capital or physical attributes. It is confidence. A confident person can walk into a room and speak with authority. A confident person can give a speech and people pay… Read the full article →

Life is Short

Life is Short:  What are You Waiting For? I was speaking to a friend the other day and he was facing many challenges. His mother was diagnosed with cancer, and he is dissatisfied with his career.  I can tell it was draining him emotionally.  Instead of being a conversation about disappointments in life, we focused… Read the full article →

Get Success in Life

How to Get Success in Life: What Does it Require? How many times have you thought you were not smart enough to succeed?  How many times have people put you down or told you success requires you to be smarter than everyone else?  Have you accepted the destiny that others have set for you?  Do… Read the full article →

The Calorie Count

The Weight Loss for Professionals Series Part 3: Do You Know How Many Calories You Burn Each Day? This may seem about as obvious as summer is HOT.  The one surefire way to lose weight is to burn more calories than your body needs in a day.  Wow!!!  That is a stunner. As easy as… Read the full article →

Fitness Training For Beginners

When was the last time someone offered to take your hand and walk you through everything you need to know and do to get fit? This morning getting ready for and on my way to work I was inundated with advertisements on the TV, the radio and newspaper for magical pills to help me lose… Read the full article →

Life Improvement Solutions

Life Improvement Solutions On May 7, 2012, USA Today asked the following question: Where would you like to see improvements in your life? Category            Men                Women Finances             75%                  81% Health                  52%                  60% Intelligence       54%                   58% Appearance       42%                  68% Self-esteem        33%                   38% This poll demonstrates that there are many people dissatisfied with their current life circumstances.… Read the full article →

Perfecting the Navy Physical Fitness Test

The US Navy’s Physical Fitness Test:  The Quest for Perfection The Navy requires all active and reserve members to take a Physical Fitness Test once every six months.  The test consists of push-ups, sit-ups and a cardio option.  Most people go with the mile and a half run.  Each component has a score attached to… Read the full article →

Getting Fit With The Mastermind Group

Getting Fit With The Mastermind Group There are many great books out there on fitness and health. These books contain nuggets of useful tips that you can implement in your fitness plan. They also provide the motivation to get going or to keep going. Fitness books are not the only source of inspiration and motivation.… Read the full article →

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